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Tom Ford


The first Bond looks

A few months ago we confirmed that Tom Ford would be responsible for James Bond’s wardrobe design in the new Bond film Quantum Solace – and now we’re bringing you the first photos of Tom Ford’s looks.

After many years of Brioni’s designs, the James Bond franchise wanted to revamp agent 007’s wardrobe in line with the new look Daniel Craig has brought to the role. For Tom Ford, the challenge was to demonstrate that an action character could pull off an elegant dress sense with a conservative touch.

Ford, along with Louise Frogley (the film’s wardrobe director), decided to use navy tones for Craig’s look. And how many pieces were made? 420 garments were made for 11 changes. Why so many? Ford created 3 or 4 perfect garments per scene, and added three pieces to be destroyed – so that scenes could be repeated and the suits could be worn by stuntmen.

And the best thing? Craig has a lot of respect for Tom Ford, and that made it easy for them to work together… Now we’ll leave you with the first photos of Bond dressed by Tom Ford, and with the latest news that Ford plans to open a shop in Las Vegas in a new centre with neighbours such as Louis Vuitton and Marni. The success of Ford’s men’s collections seems simply unstoppable.


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