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Kokeshi by various Artists

Kokeshi – are Japanese dolls, originally from northern Japan. They are handmade from wood, have a simple trunk and an enlarged head with a few thin, painted lines to define the face. The body has a floral design painted in red, black, and sometimes yellow, and covered with a layer of wax. One characteristic of kokeshi dolls is their lack of arms or legs. The bottom is marked with the signature of the artist.

Kokeshi show at the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles opened July 11, 2009. Last day to view this amazing collection of dolls from past and present is Oct. 4, 2009.

Here you can see more pictures – 2009 JANM Kokeshi and artist’s name, and also here the Group Kokeshi Photos, the other art of Kokeshi. Hope you’ll like this post =)


Claire Morgan

Claire Morgan was born in Belfast. She attended University of Ulster and Northumbria University where she achieved a first class degree in Sculpture. She is now based in London.

Since graduating she has pursued a career solely as a visual artist. She has exhibited internationally, with solo shows, residencies and commissions across the UK, as well as group exhibitions in Europe. At an early stage she developed a strong interest in the organic, in natural processes, and in the bodily connotations of natural materials. This formed the basis for her practice as an artist creating sculptural installations and continues to influence her work at present.
In 2004 Claire was awarded the Royal British Society of Sculptors Annual Bursary and Roy Noakes Awards for Come Fly With Me, a work that involved painstakingly repetitive and precise processes. She has continued to explore this way of working, and the challenges presented by her chosen materials and techniques have become an important part of her practice.
In 2006 she was awarded first prize for Red or Dead in the Premio Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, International Competition for Young Sculptors, Milan (for artists under the age of 40), and in 2007 she was selected as one of the Courvoisier Future 500 (top 10 art and design), featured in The Observer.
In 2008, a new body of work entitled Periphery formed a major solo exhibition at the James Hockey and Foyer Galleries, UCA Farnham, and Gone With The Wind, a commission for the Great North Run Cultural Programme exhibited at the Laing Gallery, Newcastle, received great acclaim.
Claire is currently working on temporary and permanent commissions for public spaces, as well as installations for private collections. She is also preparing for international group and solo exhibitions that will include new installations and drawings.

Installations and drawings are in international private collections. Check her website.

Matthew Woodson

Matthew Woodson was born and raised in the hills of rural Southern Indiana. The son of two psychologists, Matthew started pouring out emotions through his work early on. His fascination with illustrating personal psychologies coupled with an unending love of natural history led him to The School of The Art Institute of Chicago where he graduated in early 2006.
Fresh out of art school Matthew was commissioned by Margeotes, Fertitta & Partners New York to illustrate the Perry Ellis Fall/Winter 2006 campaign. He has since gone on to bring his unique vision to countless editorial projects, dozens of album and book covers, as well as several major ad campaigns. All of which he creates with an intense eye for detail, a somber palette, and the ever present love of natural subjects and emotional environments.
Matthew still lives in Chicago, in a one-bedroom apartment furnished with taxidermy and mid-century furniture, where the majority of his time is spent between chain-smoking at his drafting table and falling asleep while reading.
International advertising clients include American Express, Nestlé, Perry Ellis, UNICEF, Godiva and Threadless.
Matthew’s illustrations have been featured in Bon Appetit, The Boston Globe, Business Week, Chicago Magazine, Complex, Digital Kitchen, ESPN Magazine, The Folio Society, Forbes Magazine, Glamour, The House Of Blues, Image Comics, LA Weekly, Learning Media, More, New York Magazine, NextBook, Penthouse, Radar, Randomhouse, The Royal Mail, Scholastic Books, TopShelf Comics, Type Records, Vim & Vigor and Wired.

To view additional work by Matthew, click below: www.ghostco.orgwww.jedroot.com

Connie Imboden

Connie Imboden was born 1953, USA.
An American born photographer, has devoted her career to explore the figure. Her eyes have looked deeper into the investigation of the nude than just about any other photographer. The results are astounding to the viewer, not only with visual beauty and astonishing frankness, but also with metaphorical poetry that connects the world as we know it, to the internal human condition and its wide fan of emotions.
Here’re her own website, check her more works, they’re so cool!

DÓRA MOJZES – Fashion Designer

Dora Mojzes, a young Hungarian fashion designer, graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Department of Textile in June 2008.
She has many fields of interest and priorities. Not only clothing but also their accessories and harmony of styles.
Her aim is to create the image of a 21st century woman. A woman with high standards, a woman who is open and self-confident, a woman who is successful in work and can be feminine.

Beautiful Fruit Juice Packaging

Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa has created a amazing series of creative fruit juice packages that have the look and feel of the fruit they contain. He said “I imagined that if the surface of the package imitated the colour and texture of the fruit skin, then the object would reproduce the feeling of the real skin.” Genius idea ! Love it !

Tim Burton’s exhibition at Museum of Modern Art

Legendary director, Tim Burton, will be getting his own exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City starting on November 22, 2009.

The exhibit will hold 700 pieces of work created by Burton, including drawings, storyboards, maquettes, and puppets, as well as unseen work from the Disney films the Fox and the Hound and The Black Cauldron.

This major career retrospective, consisting of a gallery exhibition and a film series, considers Burton’s career as a director, producer, writer, and concept artist for live-action and animated films, along with his work as a fiction writer, photographer and illustrator. Following the current of his visual imagination from his earliest childhood drawing through his mature work, the exhibition presents artwork generated during the conception and production of his films, and highlights a number of unrealized projects and never-before-seen pieces, as well as student art, his earliest non-professional films, and examples of his work as a storyteller and graphic artist for non-film projects. The opposing themes of adolescence and adulthood, and the elements of sentiment, cynicism, and humor inform his work in a variety of mediums—drawings, paintings, storyboards, digital and moving-image formats, puppets and maquettes, props, costumes, ephemera, sketchbooks, and cartoons. Taking inspiration from sources in pop culture, Burton has reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking as a spiritual experience, influencing a generation of young artists working in film, video, and graphics.

Burton’s films include Vincent (1982), Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985), Beetlejuice (1988), Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Batman Returns (1992), The Nightmare Before Christmas (as creator and producer) (1993), Ed Wood (1994), Mars Attacks! (1996), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Big Fish (2003), Corpse Bride (2005), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), and Sweeney Todd (2007); writing and Web projects include The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories (1997) and Stainboy (2000).

The exhibit will run fron November 22, 2009–April 26, 2010.
Get all the information from the Museum of Modern Art.

Tim Burton’s Biography and his website.

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