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Wow, Lula is a really cool girl! 

She introduced herself quoting Nietche and Jessica Rabbit, dancing Beyonce’ and wearing Givenchy. Art lover, magazine eater and fashion addicted she couldn’t help but sharing her world through a blog. 
The INTRODUCTION interview with LULA’

Lula is sketched, scanned and digitally restyled. This Blog features her work titled “The Subject I know Best” consisting of a series of pictures that she describe as “Self Portraits”. In her words: it’s a “celebration of paper, glue, bindings, pages capturing images you can’t forget”. To describe herself she quotes her friend Jessica saying : “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn this way”.
And the another interview from ‘The FILEmagazine interview with LULA’

Lula has the other interviews and her personal blog, you can find here.

Now, I’ll show you her amazing, unusual sketches. She has soooo many amazing sketches, but I’ll show you some, the best!



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