Gitte Lee by Tim Walker

A former model and consort of the most famous Count Dracula in film, Lady Birgit Lee has her sights firmly on the future. And along with top model Hannelore Knuts, she tackles the camera once again.
We have stopped time. And invited into a fantastic garden – in every sense of the word – two stately beauties. Lady Birgit Lee and the iconic Belgian model Hannelore Knuts did not know each other and met through Tim Walker during a shoot.
There is no story to tell, but rather a meeting, a moment suspended between nostalgia for the future and a nod to the past. Lady Lee and damsel Hannelore are sisters of style, icons of a certain idea of elegance, which is both understated and dramatic. And before the clock started going back, we asked a few questions to Lady Lee.
“Don’t waste your time: get on with it!”. Lady Birgit Lee – her friends call her Gitte, short for Brigitte – has very clear ideas on how to deal with life: things need to be done by putting all one has into them. “I realize that the worst aspect of aging is that you have less time to do all the things you have not yet done. That is, you’re running against time, knowing from the outset that it’s a lost battle”.
Lady Birgit Lee  for Vogue Italia
Photography by Tim Walker
Fashion editor – Jacob K.
Model – Hannelore Knuts
You can watch the backstage video.

The Art of the Personal Style
Once, last summer I read Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advanced Style
I saw his post with Gitte Lee’s photos of her beautiful style.  
Gitte is one of the most charming and elegant women he’s ever met. She has a great instinct about style and how to enjoy life and she shared some of her secrets with him. 
So, enjoy the life and watch her style, she looks very stunning in her age! 

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