Into the Fashion

Into the Fashion.
Trends and Inspirations.
Diana Marian Murek, a German fashion designer from Hamburg, who since 1998 lives and works in Milan. During her career she collaborated with many leading fashion companies as creative consultant and as fashion week correspondent for international publications. Additionally she works as lecturer at the Istituto Marangoni where she specialized in collection development, trend analysis and fashion trend forecasting. 
I know Diana, saw her while I was studied at the Istituto Marangoni. 
So, here, the trends and inspirations, and all the comments wrote by Diana Murek.
INSPIRATION André Courrèges 1972 …VALENTINO SS 2011
Similarities within this looks in style, 
bow-belt, ruffled sleeves and the delicate pois-trimming.
INTO THE SAME IDEA …Céline and Stella McCartney SS 2011
Here’s my doubt… are Phoebe Philo and Stella McCartney still so much friends that they share ideas over a cup of tea or does their common background bring them to similar solutions in designing? Céline SS 2011 [all lefts] Stella McCarney SS 2011 [all rights]
INSPIRATION David Bowie 1973 … GIVENCHY SS 2010
David Bowie photographed by Geoff McCormack in 1973 might have inspired Riccardo Tisci to do this wonderful jacket in his last summer collection.
INSPIRATION Francesco Scognamiglio SS 2009 …VALENTINO FW 2010/11
…the difference would be that the ruffles flap in different directions…Francesco Scognamiglio SS 2009 [left] and Valentino’s version [right] for this winter…
BOYS WILL BE GIRLS …Jil Sander SS 2011
 As I mentioned in my last post, this season some concepts and inspirations of men collections have been developed also for women… as seen at Jil Sander.
 …wonderful picture from 1971 by Barry Lategan [left] and a 70ties inspired collection by Marc Jacobs for SS 2011 [right].
 Some may have noticed, that a lot of looks on the SS 2011 women’s catwalks recall their previously shown men’s collections… as seen at Prada. Maybe a little hint towards the unisex style of the 90ties, cause they seam to be also a subject of matter in this season.
INSPIRATION Yves Saint Laurent 1985 … GUCCI SS 2011
 …a picture by Helmut Newton from 1985 [left] showing an outfit of Yves Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche collection from 1985. On the wall a portrait series by Andy Warhol done in 1972. Gucci’s SS 2011 collection [right].
INTO THE FASHION analyzes current fashion trends, sources of inspirations and similarities within collections. A weekly update for everybody who lives in a permanent fashion state of mind.
Interesting? Check out her blog!

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