Dalton Ghetti

Reflecting on his childhood in Brazil, Dalton M. Ghetti recalls that most children carried either a penknife or razor blade to sharpen their pencils. At eight years of age, Ghetti began incising the wooden shafts of his pencils with intricate geometric patterns, prefiguring his later focus on carving pencil lead. Ghetti’s work with pencils is part of the complex, worldwide phenomenon of miniature carving, with examples as diverse as American prison inmates carving aspirin, and the Chinese carving poetry on human hair. Ghetti’s subject matter reflects on both his employment as a carpenter and his personal experiences. Hammer reproduces the common carpenter’s tool, as well as referencing carpentry itself by using a carpenter’s pencil as its medium. The traumatic events of 9/11 resulted in the minimal, yet powerful work Twin Towers, which conveys a sense of meditative memorial, despite its small scale. —R.K

Born and raised in Brazil, Dalton M. Ghetti came to the U.S. as a young adult. He earned an associate degree in architecture from Norwalk Community Technical College and makes a living as a carpenter and house remodeler. For more than a decade, Ghetti has been carving tiny, intricate objects on pencil points. His solo exhibitions in Connecticut include Silvermine Guild Arts Center, New Canaan (Director’s Choice exhibition); Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, Norwalk; the Fairfield Arts Council; and ArtEx Gallery, Stamford Museum and Nature Center. A member of Silvermine Guild of Artists, his work has been featured on several Web sites for drawing enthusiasts, including the blogs Pencil Revolution and Cardboard Monocle.

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