Cédric Rivrain

Paris-based artist Cédric Rivrain has been drawing since the age of 18 and has illustrated and designed for prestigious fashion houses including John Galliano, Martine Sitbon and Yazbukey. He grew up in a medical environment and combines this background with his fashion experience to create more personal work, opening up a door into delicate and dreamy scenes that feature self-portraits and depictions of friends such as Natasha Ramsay, Olympia Le-Tan, Masha Orlov, Charlotte Chesnais, Lily Cole and Chloé Sevigny.
The significance the anatomical plays for him can be seen in the band-aids adorning some of his subjects, it’s all that is covering their bodies or faces, as Cédric favours nudes over designer clothing. Through bandage and dissection he distances himself from fashion to uncover its inherent beauty. Drawings is his first solo exhibition at the Brachfeld Gallery in Paris and he has previously shown at Maria Luisa, Le Bon Marché and Christie’s and contributed to publications as diverse as Tokion, Numéro and A magazine.
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Cédric Rivrain for Maison Michel Spring–Summer 2010.
Since 1936, the Maison Michel has continued to perfect its art. Creating hats for the most prestigious studios, it is recognised today for its vast capacity to explore shapes and materials.
Laetitia Crahay, Head of accessories and jewellery at CHANEL and Artistic Director of the Maison Michel, has designed since 2006 Ready-to-Wear hats and hair accessories. Fresh and seductive, with a strong identity, and perfectly in the spirit of the times, her creations have already become essentials.
Between an ultra-feminine refinement and a rock spirit, the 2010 Spring-Summer collection revisits a large repertoire of classic shapes, from wide-brimmed hats to top hats, boaters and trilbys. Accessories, headbands and jewels for the hair unite feathers, lace, pearls or chains and blur the lines with humour.
Talented illustrator Cédric RIVRAIN brings the collection, worn by Laetitia’s friends, to life.
Discover a selection of hats and hair accessories of the Spring–Summer 2010 and previous collection.

Cédric Rivrain‘s and Maison Michel‘s website.

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