Fashematics by Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada works as a graphic designer for many music, art and fashion clients, such as Ksubi, Modular Records, The Presets, Tina Kalivas, Monster Children, Nylon, Lodown, Gas and Coca Cola. These jobs have included website design, illustration, fabric prints, art direction of photo shoots, book and magazine art direction. A practicing artist, he’s also had 2 sell out solo shows at Monster Children Gallery in Sydney and has featured in numerous group shows. He is also one third of TRU$T FUN!, creators of fashion comics and accessories. Jonathan’s work for Australian group The Presets was awarded with an ARIA for best album art in 2008. 
With his illustration blog Fashematics, Jonathan Zawada of the creative collaborative Trust Fun finds the humor in formulaic fashion. Here, Zawada speculates as to the true inspiration for look number 28 in Viktor & Rolf’s spring 2010 collection, and other fashion’s inspiration. You’ll love it!!! 

 Check more Jonathan Zawada’s blog and work zawada.com.aufashematics.com


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