Florence Bamberger

Florence Bamberger is an illustrator and graphic designer from Paris. She was born in 1987, in Paris.
She just graduated from a BA Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in London, and she is now doing a master in Art Direction in Paris.
” Illustration for articles, illustration for theatre plays posters, for luxury cosmestic products, for animations. I love undertaking many different projects. Painters, poets, fashion designers, product designers and creatives in general inspire me. I draw mostly in shetchbooks, where my ideas can flow from one page to another, from one subject to the next. ”
See also her illustration for the last limited edition of Givenchy Lipsticks.
Here’s her story …

Givenchy- My Design for a Limited Edition of lipsticks.
”Last year, I won a Parfums Givenchy competition organized for the BA Graphic Design. We had to propose a customization of the existing lipstick and packaging.
This design is being currently sold worlwide.
The Givenchy logo is the point of departure of my concept. I imagined it as a ball to unwind. Like a wish to continue its mythic history already written. A kind of imaginary labyrinth in a Versailles garden, a myriad of ways to the forbidden, a journey to Femininity…Also, such as a cloth hanger adds gravity to the long dresses in the windows of the Faubourg Saint Honor� Givenchy shop, my line does the same with the Givenchy logo.”
givenchy story

”The starting point of this project was my interest for hands.
By physically confronting two faces together, I wanted to evoke the collision of Earth’s tectonic plates, to propose another idea of what our body is, to give it another dimension.
I wanted my drawing line to communicate the concept. From Visual to Conceptual, the distance is never far.”

Thoughts about hands.
”Hands and people personalities, hands’ expressions and attitudes, this was the topic of this project.
I like very much focusing on details and body gestures.”

Here are some of her works, about money and fashion, the hairstyle of Marc Jacob shows, and also some random drawings she made about the tube, her funny tights.
story (1)

She will be more than happy to do any creative work for you,
just email her: f.bamberger@hotmail.fr , and her web-site www.florencebamberger.com


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