Roy Nachum

“Equality of Condition” by Roy Nachum
Elephants, crowns and red balloons figure prominently in Roy Nachum’s large scale oil paintings where texture and imagination are layered one atop another. The exotic storybook feel is enhanced by a pattern of overlaid painterly pixilation, adding more depth and distance to the viewing. The soft, muted colours are part of the dreamlike landscape, but the red jumps out, as though representing true life within the fantastical.


Roy Nachum is amongst the leading artists of the new generation- an original artist and painter, unusually full of inspiration and creativity.
Roy Nachum’s works are visual allegories based upon a self-invented mythology that lay bare his own internalized struggles.
Roy Nachum paintings are extraordinarily beautiful and provocative they define life.
The life-scaled oil paintings are surrealistic of a fantasy realm, where viewers witness these psychological turning points of the subjects’ lives. The characters are often caught between worlds: submergence/emergence, naiveté/maturity, wilderness/civilization. This duality is overlaid with a texture of raised “pixels” of paint that belie the photo realistic quality of his paintings. This playful mimicking of the digital printer’s thumbprint forces the viewer to “zoom in” leading to the realization that each of these near-perfect paint daubs has been individually crafted.
While the lighting and deep umber backgrounds reference his cinematic sense of framing emotion and movement reveal his talent for storytelling.
At first glance the paintings by Roy Nachum can easily be confused with digital art. However, his works are actually oil paintings on canvas that are painted in a way that spurs the viewer to investigate further. Nachum creates his images by utilizing the idea of pixels. Each ‘pixel’ is painted one-by-one. The end result is a painting that comes together in a unique manner. Nachum describes this as creating micro worlds that come together in order to form the pattern of a single reality or of a dream. Roy Nachum has exhibited frequently in Israel, Europe and the United States. He transports on canvases a mix of his imaginary world and his real life. The works represent part of his memories and his dreams as well as binary reading of real and unreal elements.
This different technique also creates the desire of a physical approach to the piece, inviting people to feel and touch every pixel, experience the virtual and physical coming together in one unique moment. Influenced by everything that surrounds Nachum examines daily behaviors of different people, what makes them do the things they do and why– what they take for granted and why they do so. Thought, making and results – this is the origin of Nachum’s inspiration.

Roy Nachum born November 11,1979 and raised in Jerusalem Israel.
Nachum began his career at a very young age. As child, he loved art and participated in art, painting, and Sculpting classes in the youth department of the Israel Museum.
After a short time, given his obvious talents and creativity, he was recommended for an adult class, which increased and emphasized his latent potential. Nachum has always been an overachiever with his passion for the beauty and simplicity in the world. Nachum sold his first painting to an established Israeli art collector at the age of 16.
He later served three years in the army after he finished he traveled for inspiration to Asia and The South of France where he ending up showing three solo exhibitions.
The artist was an excelling graduate of Bezalel, the academy for art and design in Israel, and a single selected student sent to complete his expertise at the prestigious Academy Cooper Union in NYC. He has remained in New York for the past four years where is career is quickly growing, and has sold out every show since then.
Nachum is currently showing a solo exhibition in Paris at Galerie Adler, one of the top 3 galleries in Paris. The artist continues working on many other solo exhibitions to come in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and Paris.
Roy Nachum’s paintings have been collected by many prominent collectors, musicians and entertainers including Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio.
For the last 3 years Nachum has been working on an incredible exhibition, which will soon be released. It is a new process of his development and was created as an evolution of his past. This is a new thing that combines a daily look at man with new thought. This is definitely going to be new and different than anything that is exhibited today. The combination of something very abstract and something so realistic on the same canvas.
Roy Nachum’s Exhibitions:
Solo Exhibiton – Galerie Adler, Paris, France
Group Show – Moti Hasson Gallery, New York City
Solo Exhibition – ArtOne Gallery, New York City
Solo Exhibition – Moti Hasson Gallery, New York City
Scope Hamptons – Moti Hasson Gallery, New York City
Cooper Union- New York City
Bezalel Arts – Jerusalem, Israel
Solo Exhibition Doxa – Tel-Aviv, Israel
Solo Exhibition Shonka – Jerusalem, Israel
Muion Gallery – Muion, France
Galleriede – Cannes, France
Solo Exhibition – Lugar Art, Jerusalem, Israel
Israel Museum – Jerusalem, Israel

Another impressive aspect of the artist is his ability to design, understand space and pay attention to detail.
His extra avantgard interior design projects, are conceptual, dramatic and unique. Nachum sees each space in which he creates not only to be beautiful, for him the space is a story full of surprises and conflicts, for him it is to build an enormous sculpture in which people experience from inside. Every time he begins a project the first step is comprehensive research inspiring the artist to re-invent design it self, everything he creates must have a meaning. When designing a restaurant he searches for the very first place humankind dined, the cave. His inspiration travels through the evolution and history, taking it one step beyond.
Nachum’s signature to every design is his art. The space itself is art and to complete the story he collaborate his paintings.
Nachum has designed nightclubs and restaurants throughout New York and around the world. In New York City he designed the ultra exclusive nightclubs Door and 1oak. Busy restaurants: Saucy, Five Napkin Burger, Rino Ceronte, SuperHotDog and Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality. He created the art for Tao Las Vegas.
Nachum is currently working on a Boutique Hotel in Soho, several other hotels in Amsterdam and Berlin, the private office of a very well known celebrity and an 18,000 square foot restaurant.


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