The Fashion Playing Cards by Connie Lim

I’ld like to introduce you an upcoming face in fashion illustration, Connie Lim, is a young and very promising talent. She has given Trendland exclusivity on exhibiting her Playing Cards series which is still very much in the works and we will be the primary source for following the series development. Here is a glimpse of where she is now. Stay tuned for more very soon…

I first saw Connie Lim’s work on I was totally blown away, I immediately checked out her website and went through all of her illustrations and fashion sketches. Each drawing was more beautiful than the last. I found her interview with someone on the blog, read below:

1. You are equally talented at fashion design as you are at illustrating. Have any of your collections been put into production?
As an illustrator, it is my ultimate dream of having my own drawings come to life. However, I’ve just recently began designing so they haven’t been into production yet but that we be a great accomplishment for me. I have hope that it will happen in the near future.

2. If you could pick one celebrity/icon/artist to dress, who would it be and why?
I would probably pick Gwen Stefani, she has her distinct style that I wold love to design for and she’s not afraid of trying something new.

3. Have your illustrations ever been used commercially? I would love to see your Playing card illustrations printed onto clothing, they are absolutely stunning.
Thanks! They haven’t been used commercially but that is a great idea and I should consider it a project in the near future.

4. Your resume is long and varied, what has been your favourite job so far and why?
My favorite job was working with Nancy Regielman because she is my idol. She taught me fashion illustration and made me realize my skills and ambitions. Even as a personal assistant, I realized all the hard work that is put into a project. With her presence, she never failed to push me as an artist and encourage me as a person.

5. Do you have any new projects currently on the go?
I’m currently working on the card series for my illustrations. My goal is to complete the whole deck of cards, each unique with the numbers it represents. Stay tuned!

Here’s all her illustration’s work.
Alexander McQueen

Collection – St.Basil’s Circus

Collection – Space Warrior


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