Michael Jackson – A Style Tribute


I would like to tell you all that, Stylelikeu shares an editorial shot for Italian Vanity Fair last year on the archetypal style of the late Michael Jackson. The news of Michael Jackson’s death brings to a close the story of arguably the greatest entertainer of the last 30 years. Michael died after reportedly suffering cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles. An emergency 911 call was made at 12.30pm from Michael’s home, and he is believed to have been in a coma when he arrived at hospital. Although the musician had a turbulent life, he was unrivaled not only in record sales for a solo artist, but in terms of his constant innovation, dedication, and mastery of the pop single. Michael is survived by three children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11 and seven-year-old Prince Michael II. They were driven to Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Center after their father was pronounced dead to say goodbye.

Here’s Stylelikeu wrote on their blog – ”I wanted to share with everyone a shoot I did for Italian Vanity Fair last year on the archetypal style of Michael Jackson. The photographer was Tim Petersen, the model Anna Davolio, the makeup Sonja Roberts and the hair Brad Hensler. The idea for the story came when Tim was on a shoot with Anna and noticed that Anna spent all of her time off set listening to Michael and perfecting his moves. We shot this in two long days, and fell deeply in love all over again with Michael and his colossal contribution to the world. There are so few people in the world whose talent is so out of this world that they are able to touch so many. We have been blessed. Thank you Michael and we will miss you so much.”

Stylist Elisa Goodkind

Photographer – Tim Petersen

Model Anna Davolio

Makeup Sonja Roberts

Hair Brad Hensler.


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